Doing better

It was a rough few days there, but I’m happy to say that we seem to have gotten Jersey’s pain back under control and he is doing well. He has spent the last week on strict crate rest while we grappled with everything, but now that he’s stable (and on meds 3x daily) we have been able to relax the crate rules a bit and give him a tiny bit more freedom.

At this point, I am not sure that weaning him off his medications entirely is a reasonable goal. He was doing quite well when we had him down to 2x a day…. and I think we may be able to get back to that point, however anything less that seems unattainable right now. I think that for now the goal will be to simply keep him comfortable and happy on whatever medication is necessary until we are able to bring him back in to Canada West for another Neurological Exam in a month or two.

We’ve tried TWICE since November to get him off these meds, and both times have been epic failures. It is obvious to me at this point that he needs the medication because there is something more serious going on in that neck of his (didn’t heal correctly? re-injury? new injury?) and getting to the bottom of THAT needs to happen before we can consider being medication free.

In the mean time, I am thankful for medications that are safe for long term use, that Jersey does well on, and that aren’t too cripplingly expensive (though insurance would cover most of the expense even if they were).


2 thoughts on “Doing better

  1. So glad that Jersey’s pain management seems to be under control for now. It will be such a relief to get him to Can West in the spring. Thinking about you guys and JB. 💜

  2. Poor Jersey. I hope his doctors can get to the bottom of what is going on with the spasms, but happy the medicine is giving him relief.

    I still visit your blog regularly for updates on your boys. I still remember how much comfort & information you and your blog provided when my frenchie went down with IVDD the first time and needed surgery. Thank you so much for that.

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