On February 23rd, our house hold grew by +1.

It’s been 5 weeks since Baby B made his debut, and I am just finally feeling like the earth is spinning at a semi-normal pace. It was a bit of a whirlwind for awhile there.
Oslo, Jersey, and Xyla have adjusted well to their new (mostly) hairless pack member.

Oslo, being the most high-strung & crazy dog in the house, was a bit wound up initially. Every time the baby cried (which was often) or any time I’d breast feed (which was even more often) he would pant, pace around the house, and generally display signs of anxiety. Thankfully he’s calmed down with that silliness now. He still is desperate to lick B’s hands and face, which we let him do once or twice a day for good measure, but over all he isn’t nearly as much of a basket case.

Jersey, being the most laid back dog on the planet, doesn’t seem to care at all about the baby. When we hold the baby down for him to sniff and lick, he ignores the baby completely, and instead tries to force his head under our hands for pets (hard to do when our hards are busy holding an infant).

Over all, they have both responded exactly as I suspect they would, so no big surprises. Oslo is crazy. Jersey is chill. Typical.

Thankfully, Jersey’s  health has held out these last 5 weeks, and I haven’t had to deal with him being painful as well as managing new baby. We have him on medication 2x a day now, and he seems to be doing well on that. We are planning a trip to Vancouver in early May, and will be bringing Jersey in to the Neurologist to be re-examined. He’s been stable for the last couple of months, but I don’t trust his spine one bit. For now though, I’m thankful that he’s doing well, he’s able to participate in regular activities, and generally is happy and comfortable.

Spring is FINALLY here after a very long, hard winter. Between Jersey’s spinal issues which started in November… and the unusually cold and snowy weather we have had, this winter has been a doozy & I couldn’t be happier to see it gone. With the snow finally melted, and the temperatures finally consistently above zero, I’ve been able to walk the dogs more, allow them time on the front porch, and even open the windows some afternoons to let in some fresh spring air. Simple as they may be, it all feels like a real treat.


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