It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada, so I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a fabulous day!

Today & every day, I am thankful for these two pigs. For their love, their antics, their cuddles, and their sweet faces. Even when they are being naughty (Oslo!! I’m looking at you!) they are the best boys I could have ever hoped for. My life would absolutely not be complete without my two little pigs.

I’m also thankful for my hard working husband. I’m thankful to have a warm kitty to snuggle at night. I’m thankful for our adorable little house that feels exactly like home. My wonderful neighbours & community. My job that never really feels like work. I’m thankful to have been lucky enough to have been born in Canada, and to be Canadian. I’m thankful for my health, of course. And I’m thankful for coffee. And wine. And sour jubejubes. And YOU! I’m thankful for all of the readers of this blog– old & new.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple of pies to make.

Just a little photo-dump of recent shots of my sweet Jersey Blue. Who really is the best, most loving, gentle, tender hearted, and well behaved boy.

I cleaned underneath the sofa the other day.

…. I found a few tennis balls.


Holy smokes. September is just flying by!! The boys have been doing great this month. We haven’t had any big health issues & vet bills, and everyone is coasting along well.

With September nearly over, gone are the days where the temperature is pushing 35-40 degrees celsius (that’s 95-105 fahrenheit for my American readers). As much as I love the heat, I know that my fellas enjoy these cooler days a bit more. Days where they can actually lay out on the porch for longer than 5 minutes. They’ve been spending a lot of sleepy afternoons and evenings out there watching the world go by and the sunset. Being able to walk them in the afternoons (as opposed to only at night time– and even then it’s too hot!) has been really lovely. The dog’s favourite place to go is the big soccer field at the end of the block. There’s never anyone there, and it’s fully fenced, so we let the boys go off leash and they absolutely adore the freedom. They never venture more than 10-12 feet away from us at any given time, but they seem to have a real understanding of when their leashes are on and when they’re off. We’re making the most of our walks while we can, because once the snow falls and the temperatures really dip, we certainly won’t be venturing too far outside.


Every so often I receive a comment on this blog that lifts my spirits and reminds me that I am not just talking to myself. Today, I received one such comment from a lovely lady named Carolyn,

“I just wanted to thank you for posting your experience with Oslo and his IVDD experience.

A week ago my French Bulldog Leo woke up having trouble standing on his rear legs. Like Oslo Leo just turned 3 the end of July. I took him to the vet not knowing what was going on. The vet gave him a shot of an anti inflammatory and sent us home. Leo got progressively worse throughout the day.

My daughter found your article about Oslo online and showed it to me. At first I thought no this can’t be happening but all the symptoms were the same. I called the vet back telling him Leo was much worse and mentioned IVDD. He prescribed a painkiller and told me if he was worse tommorow that I would have to take him to a neurologist. At 4 am the next morning I woke up to hear Leo panting and unable to move. I took him to the animal hospital where they admitted him, did an MRI, and immediately did surgery for a slipped disc.

It’s a week later and Leo is standing and attempting to walk. He drags his back legs but it’s getting better. He goes for therapy everyday. Like you I didn’t have insurance because up until this Leo was very healthy. I feel had it not been for your article I may not have acted so quickly with taking him to the hospital. The doctor told me it was a fresh slip and I had caught it early enough that there was minor bruising and damage to the spine.

Thank you again I feel you saved Leo!

I receive comments/emails like these once every few months, and each one means so, so much to me! IVDD is such a scary disease. Having your pet diagnosed with it can be SO confusing, overwhelming, and isolating. Worse still is when there is something very wrong with your baby, but the Vet seems unable to really figure out what is going on.  It brings me SO much happiness to know that people are able to use the power of the internet to search keywords like “french bulldog weakness in legs”, find my blog, bring what they learn to their Veterinarians, and get proper diagnoses.

Obviously stuff you read on the internet should never be a substitute for the well-informed opinion of a medical professional.. But if there’s one thing I have learned in my dealings with IVDD (and I have learned a lot) it’s that sometimes veterinarians– as educated & well-meaning as they are– make mistakes. They’re human beings, like you & I. Sometimes they don’t recognize symptoms. Sometimes they don’t put the pieces together in their brains. And sometimes, like all humans, sometimes they are just plain wrong.

It’s up to us as our pet’s “owners”, guardians, and family-members to be our pet’s advocates. To do our research. To be diligent. To leave no stone unturned. I am so glad that Oslo’s blog continues to be a helpful resource to those dealing with IVDD. What a lasting legacy this has become!

PS– Do you have Pet Insurance? You should!


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