walking in the spring

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Not too hot, not too cold. We gotta get our walks in while we can before the days are too warm for the Pigs to go further than a block or two.


New stomping grounds

Our new house has come with some really excellent park/green space adjacent to our home. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to leash up the dogs,  walk across the street, and then let them off leash in a quiet, secure green space where they can run, sniff, and chew sticks in peace. It’s been a long, long time since these guys were able to be off-leash (with how delicate their spines are, I am very particular about places that I deem ‘safe’ enough for them to be off leash) so this feels like such a huge, and unexpected luxury.


settling into the new house

We moved into our new house 2 weeks ago and it has been a flurry of unpacking ever since. Our enormous yard is still covered in far too much snow for the dogs to be able to really enjoy it, but we have gone for some really lovely walks around the neighbourhood.
Over all, we are all loving the new space. The dogs especially seem to love all the gorgeous light that comes in from the countless windows. We are spoiled in that regard, for sure.

The dogs have been doing so well lately that I find myself waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’. I am forever thankful that they were both so healthy for my son’s first year of life. I truly don’t know how I would have handled the stress of a new baby and also the stress of one of boys being ill. But now that my son is 1 year old (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!) I find myself holding my breath, and watching the dogs like a hawk. Surely this good fortune won’t last forever?

Speaking of which, Oslo is 10 years old this summer and I have noticed increase weakness in his rear end for the last 2 years now. At his last annual check up (in Dec) the vet agreed that he was definitely getting wobblier and attributes it to degenerative nerve damage from his traumatic surgery 7 years ago now. Of course we could bring him in to the Specialist for a CT scan… but at 10 years old, it hardly seems fair to put my old man through something so traumatic. I have resolved myself to the possibility that there is a chance that Oslo might be a ‘cart dog’ for the last year or two of his life. There are worse things.

Fortunately he doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all, and is his usual, naughty, silly, boundary-pushing self.


Moving House

IMG_76792018 is off to a busy start. In late November my husband & I fell in love with a house. We put in an offer, and decided “if it’s meant to be ours, we’ll get it… if it’s not, we won’t”. And low & behold, apparently it was meant to be ours.

We took possession January 5th, and since then it has been go-go-go nonstop to bring it up to 2018 electrical and plumbing codes. All of that is done now, and we are in the process of just making a few finishing touches to paint & tiles. There’s plenty more work to be done over the next few years, but the initial push to get it ‘move in ready’ is nearing completion. The moving truck rental is set for February 25th, just two days after my son’s 1st birthday.

It’s a beautiful 1933 Heritage Home with much of it’s original figures, charm, and elegance. It is also set on a 1/3rd of an acre lot, and is in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in town.  We are very excited.

The dogs are going to LOVE having more yard space, and a new neighbourhood to explore on their daily walks. I can’t wait to show them their new home!