morning walk


Just a few photos from our absolutely perfect morning walk today.



Oslo turns ten


Yesterday Oslo turned 10 years old. 

When Oslo first came home to me, I was 24 years old and living it up in a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver. To say my life has changed since then would be an understatement. One thing, however, has not changed– and that’s how much I love this little fella.

I started this blog for Oslo just before his 3rd birthday when he was in the hospital having emergency spinal surgery. I’ve kept it up since then as a means of updating all of Oslo’s supporters and also educating others on IVDD.

At 10 years old, Oslo is greyer, lazier, and wobblier than ever, but he has the same joie de vivre that he has always had in his heart. He loves all people, hates all puppies (grown-up dogs are ok), and will consume any and all food. His passions in life include snuggles on the sofa, nibbling strawberries off the bush, sunbathing, and barking at dogs that he sees on TV.

He is obsessive about balls that roll under the sofa, and can’t stand to have his back feet touched. He pees when he gets too excited. He loves chewing nylabones and sticks. And if you take a fresh blanket out of the dryer he absolutely can never wait to crawl up inside it.

As I look at Oslo’s ever-greying face I am constantly reminded that I will not have forever with this sweet boy of mine. There will come a time, much too soon, when we will have to say goodbye. Even typing those words brings tears burning to my eyes. My #1 wish with both of my boys is that they never doubt how loved and precious they are to me.

So, Oslo, on this 10th birthday, I wish you health and comfort. I wish that when you go to sleep at night you feel safe and secure in my unwavering commitment to and love for you. You are so special and so loved.

Bleu the french pig

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.53.53 AM.png

If have ever wanted to be inspired by a ‘handicapped’ dog, please go check out @Bleuthefrenchpig on Instagram. Bleu became paralyzed after a bout of IVDD left her without the use of her rear legs…. But she has never let it stop her from living her best life.

When your dog is in the midst of IVDD it’s easy to think that your only options are surgery and a full recovery, or euthanasia… But the fact of the matter is that usually dogs fall into some sort of grey area in-between– never quite recovering fully. Recovery looks different for every dog, of course.

Bleu is on the far end of the spectrum in that she never regained any sort of use of her rear legs… But I think her instagram¬†(run by her amazing, and devoted mama) is a wonderful reminder that paralyzed dogs can still have a great quality of life.

Many, many, many dogs live perfectly wonderful, fulfilling lives this way– it just takes a bit (ok, a lot) of getting used to. In fact, I think that we, as their humans, have a harder time adjusting to life with a paralyzed dog than the dogs to do adjusting to life with 2 legs.

Bleu is full of joy, and her life is absolutely one worth living. I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires us.

Boring and Well

I feel like this blog has been so boring lately.

The fact of the matter is that when the dogs are healthy and well, I really don’t have much to blog about. We go about our daily routine, and one day fades into the next, and nothing remarkable really happens. But isn’t that a good thing?

Oslo turns 10 years old in just shy of two weeks. Unbelievable.


mowing the grass


Oslo and Jersey are very happy to be seeing these warmer temperatures. They would spend all day ‘mowing’ the grass in the front yard if we let them– nibbling grass, gagging, occasionally puking, nibbling some more. Charming.